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Get ideas to help you custom design your Shutters to suit your tastesCustom Made Vinyl Plantation Shutters are not returnable.  Careful measuring and ordering are very important to insure a satisfying experience.  Therefore we would like to help you avoid any problems.  We invite you call us with your order so we may help you and look for any errors before your order goes into production.  If you are ready to order you can go to the Pricing/Order page and order now.  We will contact you if there are any questions about your order.  We will do our best to help you avoid any costly mistakes.  Feel free to call us with any questions.

3 1/2" Louvers with tilt bar. 3 1/2" Louvers with tilt bar.  The patio door has Divider Rails.  The left Shutter was made to allow for the window mounted air conditioner.The Windows are Inside Mount  T-Trim Frame with Sill Frame on bottom.  Sliding Glass Door Shutter is Outside Mount L-Frame with Frame Projections (Buildout) for Louver clearance.  The windows are 1 Panel L and 1 Panel R Shutters, the door is a 4 Panel Bi-Fold Shutter.

Inside Mount T-Trim Frame and a bottom Sill Frame.3 1/2" Louvers with Tilt Bar, Inside Mount T-Trim Frame and a bottom Sill Frame.  4 Panel Bi-Fold Plantation Shutter.  LLRR

Inside Mount L-FrameInside Mount L-Frame Vinyl Plantation Shutter(Recessed) 3 1/2" Louvers, Bi-Fold Panels with cover strip. The cover strip hides any gaps from out of square condition, may also be caulked instead.

3 1/2" Louvers with Tilt Bar3 1/2" Louvers with Tilt Bar.  Media Door Vinyl Shutter is Outside Mount L Frame with Projections (Buildout) 1 panel L.  Door Vinyl Shutter is   3 1/2" Louvers with Tilt Bars and Divider Rails. 2 Panels LR 

2 1/2" Louvers With Tilt Bar2 1/2" louvers with Tilt Bar Vinyl Plantation Shutter.

3 1/2" Louvers With Clearview 3 1/2" Louvers With   Clearview (hidden) Tilt Shutter option.

Clearview Vinyl Plantation Shutters 3 1/2" Clearview Vinyl Plantation Shutters with Divider Rails.

Shutters with Divider Rails.Clearview Vinyl Plantation Shutters with Divider Rails.

Inside Mount T-Trim Frame3 1/2 " Louvers with Tilt Bars and Inside Mount T-Trim Frame Vinyl Shutter with Bi-Fold panels.

Bi-Pass Sliding Door Vinyl Shutter3 1/2" Clearview Bi-Pass Sliding Door Vinyl Shutter with track system. Outside Mount with Divider Rails. (mandatory on panels over 60" in height) Designer Valance.(standard)

3 1/2" Bi-Pass Sliding Door Vinyl Shutter 3 1/2" Bi-Pass Sliding Door Vinyl Shutter with track system. Outside Mount 4Panel (The 2 Left and 2 Right Panels are joined together to move in tandem like a closet door).

Vinyl Plantation ShutterVinyl Plantation Shutter with 2 1/2" Louvers and Clearview Tilt system with T-Posts (mandatory on openings greater than 72").

2 1/2" Louvers and Tilt Bars with Divider RailsVinyl Plantation Shutters with 2 1/2" Louvers and Tilt Bars with Divider Rails.

Vinyl Plantation ShuttersVinyl Plantation Shutters with Tilt Bars and 2 Divider Rails (mandatory on Panels over 110" in height).

6 panel Vinyl Planttion Shutter 6 panel Vinyl Planttion Shutter with 3 1/2" Louvers, Clearview Tilt system, 2 T-posts and Divider Rails.

French Door Vinyl Shutter. French Door Vinyl Shutter.  Outside mount L-Frame with build out. (projections for louver clearance)

Vinyl Shutter door cut out.French Door Vinyl Shutter cut out.

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