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Trim FrameT-Trim Frame  The most popular Vinyl Plantation Shutter Frame.

D FrameDesigner Vinyl Shutter Frame.

Z FrameUsed to mount the Shutter over existing moulding around the window opening.  The contoured flange blends into the moulding.

Sill FramesUsed to mount Shutters on windows with existing Protruding Sills.

L FrameCan be used to mount Vinyl Shutters inside or outside mount.

C FrameTypically used on large Plantation Shutters.

Build OutUsed to add frame depth to outside mount Vinyl Plantation Shutters. Such as on a French Door Shutter or a window with little or no sill depth.

C Build OutAds depth to the  Shutter for louver clearance.

Inside Mount FramesFrom Top:  T-Trim Frame D-Deluxe Frame, Z-Frame 

Outside Mount FramesFrom Top:  L-Frame, B-Frame (New), and C-Frame

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