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Click the picture below for the complete Standard Vinyl Plantation Shutter Measure guide, including T-Posts, Divider Rails, Mounting with Existing Moulding and Tile Cut Outs.

Measure carefully with a good quality metal tape measure.  Always record width first then height. This is important because a Plantation Shutter is alway made using width first and height second.  If reversed the Shutters will be made incorrectly!      Remember a Vinyl Shutter is custom made to your measurements and is not returnable because of measuring mistakes. 

To install a Shutter on top of existing moulding, Outside Mount. Measure to the outside edge of the moulding round down to nearest 1/8" if in the 1/16" range. No factory deductions will be taken

To install a Shutter around moulding, Outside Mount.  Measure to outside edge of the moulding (use the largest of the three measurements). Round up to the nearest 1/8" if in the 1/16" range.  Add 3" for L-Frame and 2 1/2" for B-Frame and 5" for C-Frame.  No Factory deductions will be taken.

Inside Mount- L Frame  Use the smallest of the three measurements, a 1/8"deductions will be taken by the factory to allow for installation.  Be sure to advise us if you have  taken any deductions.

Inside Mount- T, D or Z Frames  Use the smallest  of the three measurements rounded down 1/8".  A standard deduction of 1/4" on inside mounts will automatically be taken by the factory.

Outside Mount- You will add the frame size you choose to your measurements (use largest of the three measurements). Add 3" for L-Frame and 2 1/2" for B-Frame and 5" for C-Frame. No factory deductions will be taken.

See frames section. If you have any questions please contact us. We are here to help you.

Diagonal MeasureThe most popular shutter  frames, the T-Trim Frame and the D-Deluxe Frame will cover most out of square openings. The decorative trim will cover any gaps.  This is very common as most window openings are not perfectly square.  If there is an extreme out of square opening use outside mount L-Frame or C-Frame

Measuring Corner Windows

Click for corner window measuring instructions.

Determing Inside or Outside Mount

When mounting Shutters recessed into the window opening it is an inside mount.  

When mounting Shutters on the wall  around the window opening it is an outside mount.  

When measuring window depth clearances, be sure to notice any handles, cranks or any other obstructions that may interfere with louver clearance requirements.          

Inside mount required clearances.Inside Mount - The T-Trim Frame      The D-Deluxe Frame and The Z Frame  have the same sill depth    requirements.    1 1/8" for a 2 1/2" Louver.     1 5/8" for a 3 1/2" Louver and 2 1/8" for a 4 1/2" Louver.   

L Frame Required ClearancesOut Side Mount L frame depth requirements are None for a 2 1/2" Louver, 1/2" for a 3 1/2 " Louver, and 1" for a 4 1/2" Louver.  Inside Mount L-Frame depth requirements are 2" for a 2 1/2" Louver, 2 1/2" for a 3 1/2" Louver and 3" For a 4 1/2" Louver.

C Frame required clearances.Outside Mount C-Frame requirements are None for a 2 1/2" Louver, None for a 3 1/2" Louver and 1/2" for a 4 1/2" Louver.

Sill depth requirements.

Click for B-Pass and Bi-Fold measuring instructions.Click this Shutter for Bi-Pass and Bi-Fold Measuring Instructions.

French Door Measuring Instructions

Click for French Door Measuring InstructionsClick this Shutter for French Door Measuring Instructions.  Single, double with or without handle cut out.

 Order Form Key

Order Form.  Print this form to use when measuring for Vinyl Plantation Shutters.  It will help you get the perfect Shutter.  If you need help contact us we are happy to help you.

Click and Print KeyPrint this Order Form Key. It will guide you through using the Vinyl Shutter order form .  If you have any trouble printing let us know and we can e-mail you the forms.

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